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What to wear for Graduation 2019

Have you already had a look for the perfect outfit for graduation, with no success so far? Dont worry Ladies and Gents, we've got you covered! Based on their own experience, our young team of recent graduates, have offered guidance on what to wear for Graduation 2019. Use our tips to avoid major fashion bloopers, stylishly enter the next exciting chapter of your life and avoid looking back at those graduation pictures with regret.

Bad Graduation PictureBad Graduation Picture






Hire your gowns at the first opportunity.

It is probably at the bottom of your priority list considering how  you are getting bombarded with piles of university work. However, hiring your gown early with your universities, will help you out in the long run. Sam, our website manager, knew a handful of people which had to queue outside the gown hire at 6am on graduation day, in order to have a gown to graduate in - not what you need on your special day! Tim, our revenue manager, suggests looking online because universities tend to discount online bookings. Further information on gown hire can be found online at University of Bristol or UWE.


Your graduation is a special day and it is considered a formal event, we recommend you dress accordingly. A full 3-piece suit. Tie or Bowtie. Colour of the suit can be coordinated to match your official university gown colours or you can go for a traditional black/white combo. Find some of our picks below.


Graduation checkeredBlack suit







The pictures above have been inspired by major high-street brands such as Topman or Moss Bross who specialise in Graduation wear at affordable prices.


Deciding what to wear for graduation can be a serious struggle, especially when you’re guaranteed to have an unfashionable coloured stripe on your gown. Traditional dresses are considered the safe option.  When trying to decide what goes along with your gown, neutral colours are your best bet. Suits can also be worn if that's what you feel comfortable in. Georgia, our Business Development Manager, suggests finding out what colours match well with your gown and look for dresses accordingly. Find some of our favourite looks below.


Creamy Graduation DressBlue Graduation Dress 2







We suggest looking at Boohoo, Misguided or Debenhams for inspo. However, it is also important to go and try on the dress, to see how it compliments you. Also, make sure you don't leave the shopping till the last minute - trust us, you don't need the added stress.


Last minute tips

Would it really be Graduation day without a last-minute hiccup?  Nathalie, our Marketing Manager, suggests bringing a care-package of items to prepare you for anything at graduation.

Scarf - So one of your course-friends has the exact same taste as you and decided to get the same dress as you. Does this mean standing awkwardly in seperate corners of the room? Wrong! A scarf will disguise the clash and mean you can still spend it together with your friends.

Plasters - Those high heels are likely to be new and you are going to be walking around a lot.

Tissues - Tears are nearly guaranteed at graduation and tissues will be a necessity for your proud parents.

Hairbrush - This one is fairly self-explanatory. Graduation hat + wind = disaster

Staying with us

Ensure your parents are here to witness your once in a lifetime ocassion by booking your accommodation well in advance. Our hotels are located conveniently in the centre of Clifton, Bristol, a short walk away from the award ceremonies. In addition, we are currently offering generous offers for this Bristol Graduates, providing the perfect option for your family to stay with us.

Book your Bristol Graduation accomodation with us online Bristol Graduation Offers 2019 or speak to our brilliant reservations team here: 0117 946 7469

Posted on 19th March 2019 by Fred Primgaard